We Are Defined By Our Innovative Spirit and the Instinct to "Explore Where Eagles Dare"


Caliper Business Solutions was founded in 2012 as an innovator in India’s supply chain management and logistics with the goal to improve top-line and bottom-line business performance of clients across industries.

Caliper through its flagship products is committed to enhance and achieve break through results and operational efficiencies across all the stake holders in the Supply Chain Network and Logistics Eco system.

Caliperians firmly believe global centralized planning, dynamic execution and the decision support intelligence are the pillars of any successful Supply Chain flow operation. For Caliperians every business is as unique as your company, with decades of experience and the team of top Supply Chain execution experts with high level of customer orientation and collaboration have guided us to build next gen superior Supply Chain Logistics flow management solutions.

Caliper’s innovation, solution and product team consist of professionals who have over 25 years of strategic and operational experience across various industries and domains. In everything we do, our approach is that innovation is the only way to sustain and prosper.

tEG 2.0

Is a next-generation Supply Chain network Logistics planning, Optimization and Execution platform which enables all the stakeholders in the ecosystem to enhance efficiencies at every stage of the Supply Chain flow.

tEG Logistics planning and optimization engines powered by Cloud Computing, AI, ML & IOT’s connect all the stakeholders in the ecosystem in a single platform with a Multi dimension workflow to execute and optimize Logistics flow starting from Logistics services procurement, resource planning, Allocation, Dispatch, In transit, Delivery confirmation to vendor payments.

Many of the world-leading enterprises have successfully adopted tEG to create,  sustain Supply Chain “Decisive Competitive Edge” and to achieve their goals by continuously improving and sustaining top line and bottom line business performances.

Our Vision & Mission

By 2023, Caliper would be one amongst the top 3 most preferred global organization that innovates, automates and enhances Supply Chain Network Logistics flow efficiencies.

Deliver unparallel Global Supply Chain and Logistics efficiencies through innovative digital workflows which empowers and connects all the work force in the Supply Chain ecosystem.

Why Us?

Trust – Our clients trust us because of our dedication, commitment, and passion to offer simple solutions that go above and beyond to deliver value to them.

Innovation – To innovate is a vital core competency that runs in our DNA, enabling us to consistently provide top-level solutions and service assistance to clients.

Expertise – We have accumulated more than 100 years of combined strategic and operational excellence over 16 different industry verticals that allows us to read the pulse of the industry.

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