Achieved significant improvement in – at Origin, In-transit and Destination turnaround time management, Optimised Logistics cost by up to 4% and ensured full adherence to audit and regulatory compliances.


A global brewery having a large presence in India wanted to automate their transportation operations and track their consignments from source to destination to gain operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and comply with government regulations.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages in India is complex and draws a lot of scrutiny and regulations. Goods must be transported by a specific route approved by the regulatory authorities. Deviations attract heavy penalties. Interstate movements are subject to import and export permits and goods must be transported within their validity. Deviations are subject to detentions and hefty penalties.


Our SMEs studied the client’s requirements onsite at their multiple Plants, successfully mapping their physical processes, efficiency matrix and constraints. The proposed solution incorporated digitizing Logistics services procurement, Vehicle Indenting, In-plant VI-VO, gate into delivery confirmation, real-time tracking and service level reconciliation and vendor payments along with priority management with lead indicators.

All the pre-defined touchpoints of the vehicles starting from Gate into delivery confirmation were geofenced to record the vehicle entries and exits timings with exception alerts. The Mission Control Tower was  deployed to manage the exceptions effectively.

The whole solution was integrated with the client ERP system “SAP” to fetch the dispatch details and manage the entire transactions without any duplication till the vendor payment instruction back to the ERP system.

  • Overall direct costs optimized by up to 4%
  • More than 90% of vehicles were successfully tracked
  • Reduction in detention costs by up to 20%
  • Improved service levels up to 97%
  • Achieved full compliances of the   Governing body’s regulations. Achieved complete transparency  and Visibility across the Logistics channel
  • Exception d escalations for faster issue resolution.
  • Deep integration with ERP system (SAP) to enable seamless and one touch information flow.

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