Significantly improved vehicle placement efficiency with cost optimisation up to 3%, Brought in full transparency and audit compliances  in Logistics freight buying,


Our Client is one of the top five industrial conglomerates of India and a leader in the electrical fabrication segment operating with make to order project environment going through highly volatile logistics services and this was hampering their competitive edge during RFP process.

The company is having centralized fabrication plants to aggregate and deliver over larger geographical areas compared to their competitors. Their strength of Aggregation capability was getting diluted by their inefficient logistics operations. Thus they were  looking for improving their  Logistics efficiency to match or win over the competition.


Our team carried out requirement gathering sessions with their logistic managers, plant supervisors, end-users, and  Logistics Service Providers and arrived at process flows and detailed requirements. We then configured, customized and implemented our flagship product tEG 2.0 to digitize and optimize their Logistics services procurement process thereby improving their  Logistics Service levels.

  • Overall direct cost-optimized up to 3%
  • Improved service levels up to 97%
  • Achieved full  audit compliance
  • Achieved complete  Transparency and Visibility across the Logistics channel
  • Deployed Analytics dashboards & reports for better decision making
  • Improved their decision making hierarchical process through real-time dashboards and analytics.

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