White Goods

Provided advanced digital Logistics services buying capabilities thus optimizing EXIM and domestic logistics costs up to 4% and reducing detention cost up to 15% and significantly improved OTIF Service levels.


Our Client is a  leading Indian white goods brand having over Six decades of expertise in air conditioning & cooling technology with the deeply penetrated distribution channel across the length and breadth of Indian geography.

Managing Logistics of white goods has its own challenges considering the manufacturing of parts in different r geographies, assembling near the consumption point, seasonality, competition and finally aligning the logistics KPI’s to meet customers tolerance timelines. All these are prime requirements to be ahead in the race. 

With the proliferation of e-commerce supplies, company Logistics KPI’s were under tremendous pressure to match the market demand and looking for new-age digital platform to improve overall logistics efficiencies.


Our team carried out As-Is study across all the stack holders in the  Supply Chain, mapped the bottlenecks and defined digital process and its implementation strategy. We then configured, customized and implemented our flagship product tEG 2.0 to digitize and optimise their EXIM & Domestic Logistics services vendor sourcing, freight buying, vehicle placement, in-transit tracking and freight invoice reconciliation.

  • Overall direct cost-optimized up to 4.5%
  • Reduction of truck & container detention costs by up to 15%
  • Improved Service levels up to 97%
  • Achieved complete audit compliance
  • Achieved full Transparency and Visibility across the Logistics channel
  • Shielded the seasonality price spikes variation through Logistics service providers Market access and matching of and demand and supply.

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