Provided the digital capabilities to plan, allocate and optimize all processes  from  the dispatch orders to vendor payment., We successfully optimised cost up to 4% while significantly improving OTIF efficiencies. We were able to bring in complete visibility, transparency and audit compliances  across all modes of transportation by orchestrating the flow through our  Mission Control Tower. 


One of the largest global pharma companies growing at 10% CAGR in India having a Logistics network of over 20 Plants and toll units, 4 Hubs, 25 CFA’s and over 3000 distribution points was facing challenging times in managing  its complex distribution network moving finished goods from upstream to downstream manually. 

Managing Logistics of pharmaceutical products has its own unique challenges considering the product nature, volumes, cold and non-cold chain products and seasonality. Manually managing multiple Logistics Service providers in different geographies, maintaining committed service levels and within budgetary constraints and all this in the absence of single truth visibility was resulting in management spending majority of their time in firefighting and dispute resolution and were unable to achieve the desired service levels with the given budget.


Our team carried out As-Is study across all the stack holders in the  Supply Chain, mapped the bottlenecks and defined digital process and its implementation strategy. We then configured, customized and implemented our flagship product tEG 2.0 to digitize and optimise their End to End Supply Chain Network Logistics flow operations and efficiency.

  • Overall direct cost optimised up to 4%
  • Improved Service levels up to 97%
  • Achieved full  audit compliance
  • Achieved complete  Transparency and Visibility across the Logistics channel
  • Provided Exception reports and escalations for faster issue resolution.
  • Enriched the  decision making hierarchical process through real-time dashboards and analytics.

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