Next generation Supply Chain network Logistics planning, Optimization and Execution Platform

tEG’s Next generation Supply Chain network Logistics planning, Optimization and Execution platform enables all the stake holders in the eco system to enhance efficiencies at every stage of the Supply Chain flow.

tEG advanced Supply Chain Network Logistics planning and optimization engines powered by AI, ML & IOT’s connects all the stake holders in the ecosystem in a single planning orison with a Mutai dimension work flow to execute and optimize Logistics flow starting from Logistics services procurement, resource planning, Allocation, Dispatch, In transit, Delivery confirmation to vendor payments. Many of the world leading enterprises successfully adopted tEG to create and sustain Supply Chain Decisive Competitive Edge to achieve their business goals by continuously improving topline and bottom line performances.

tEG Features

Explore the Features of Our Next-Gen Supply Chain Network Logistics planning, Optimization, and Execution Platform

Advanced intelligent planning enhances operational efficiencies and optimizes cost.

tEG’s  agile planning module enhances the logistics planning to cater real time market demand for both internal and external supply chains. It provides advance intelligence and helps to plan all logistics services procurement and the operations with the real time execution feedback loop thus achieving:

Significantly enhanced service levels.
Cost optimisation.
Intelligent smart contracts enables complete transparency and reducing process cycle time by 90%.

tEG’s tailor-made real-time configurable procurement module through e-auction shortens all modes of transportation services procurement to as less as 30 minutes with 100% audit compliance thus achieving:

Transparency & visibility.
Freight Market visibility and Intelligence.
Significantly enhanced service levels.
Cost optimisation.
Handle challenges of limited resource, capacity, complex process flows and ever-demanding end consumer driven KPIs with ease.

tEG’s industry-specific tailor-made configurable logistics flow execution module identifies the bottlenecks in the workflow and optimizes the flow by releasing down-the-line distribution channel hidden capacities thus improving:

Highly improved dispatch throughput.
Significant increase in capacity utilization.
Improved Work force efficiency.
Significant reduction in asset idle time.
tEG offers real-time intelligent optimizers to improve operational efficiency , bring down global supply chain network cost.  and improves Top Line and Bottom Line Business Performance

tEG’s integrated real time optimizers powered with ML & AI algorithms interacts with various real-time transaction data and continuously optimizes mode mix, load mix, routes, allocations, and workflows

Significant improvement in dispatch throughput.
Higher capacity utilization.
Improved work force efficiency.
Reduced asset idle time.
Enabling e-PODs with 3-way service verification to recognize revenue and payables instantly.

tEG’s integrated real-time service and delivery confirmation eliminates manual efforts to evaluate physical documents and provides 100% accurate digital real-time service delivery confirmation, enabling stakeholders to recognize the revenue immediately.

Improves cash flows
Eliminates manual Intervention.
Provides robust and complete audit trail.
tEG enables 100% real-time transactions, service payables, smart digital verification, and digital reverse billing through 100% paperless and error-free workflows.

tEG’s integrated Logistics services providers real-time billing and payment module enables shipper to receive the digital invoices and automate the payment process with approval hierarchy without any manual intervention resulting in.

Eliminates  bill reconciliation errors.
Eliminates billing related revenue losses.
Provides robust audit trail.
tEG helps you manage your supply chain network policies, process, masters, approval and exception with ease.

tEG’s integrated master data governance module enables businesses to define digital policies, process, and workflows with all the relevant masters. Along with the approval hierarchy with a complete audit trail, it keeps digital records linked with all historical, iterative, and course correction changes, logs, and future recommendations for business growth.

Master data governance provides the following benefits:

Full data security.
Ensures data integrity.
Provides robust process and audit control.
tEG enables you to orchestrate your global supply chain network flow through AI, ML & Data Science driven decisions, insights, and suggestive algorithms to enhance your business’ key metrics.

tEG’s integrated real-time mission control tower allows decision-makers to orchestrate the global supply chain network flow with real-time transaction visibility of all the critical events with absolute focus on exceptions, route cause, and the action recommendations thus improving yop line and bottom line business performance.

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